Sourcing furniture & decor’ is like putting the icing on the cake. Not only does the cake look better but it tastes so much better with icing. Just like the cake, a home looks complete once furnished well and styled correctly. Too often we engage a designer to help with the renovation or building process, only to find that at the end the house looks rather empty and your current furniture suddenly looks even more worn than before and really ill suited for the new space. Whether you have recently built or you are feeling that your home is looking tired and in need of a freshen, this service is the perfect fit. A brainstorming session will get the ball rolling. Sharing your inspirational images, desires and budget for your home will give me the tools I need to get started on the design process. Bare in mind this is not just for those that feel the need to purchase the big ticket items like sofas and dining tables but also for people that just need a few prints, cushions, some new bits and pieces and help rearranging their furniture to better suit the space.



  • Keeping your budget in mind, I make a list of items you would like sourced in order of priority
  • Next I get to work researching to find the most suitable fit for your home and style
  • Within a few weeks I email you a PDF musEboard (computer generated moodboard)
  • Together we review it via email or phone, and at this point you have the option for 2 revisions
  • Once you’re happy I get busy ordering for you
  • Now you just have to sit back and wait for the deliveries to roll in, direct to your door


As you can imagine every project is unique in size and quantity of items sourced so pricing is often difficult.

Priced from $400* per room (this does not include the brainstorming session, $250)

*A more accurate quote will be achieved after the brainstorming session. 

Sourcing Service